Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Richmond grocery store circa 1924

Today's pic comes from Flickr user PLCjr. I'll let him explain it:
"Not sure of the exact date but it is my wife's dad in knickers pictured at his job. This may be a Sanitary store in Richmond's Fan. Items on the rack next to him are marked Virginia. (There's a ton of detail in the original size picture.)

My wife can't remember where the store may have been. She remembers her dad telling her it was near Monroe Park. It may have been the old Style building at 1301 Main Street (which I worked in) or somewhere on the 1400 block of Main.

It was "Sanitary Grocery" because everything was out of customers reach and a clerk would retrieve your goods. A very hygienic clerk I guess :-)."
Make sure you check out the high resolution image, there's some amazing detail in this photo!


  1. I believe "Sanitary Grocery" was a company name. They later changed their name to Safeway.

    That page has more info.

  3. Probably 1306 West Main. 1301 was an a&P. 1306 was a Sanitary from 1933. Sanitary was based in D.C. and was acquired by Safeway. They changed the store names to Safeway around 1942.

  4. I am looking for pictures of Carter's store on Belvidere and Padow's grocery store on the corner of Pine and Belvidere.

    1. Carter's and Padow's were on Idlewood, not Belvidere.