Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Agnes - Broad Street flooding - 1972

Hopefully everyone in Richmond survived Hurricane Irene unscathed yesterday. Good luck to everyone in the Northeast today! Here's another look at Hurricane Agnes from 1972. This is Broad Street, looking West from Shockoe Bottom, up the hill towards downtown Richmond.

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Photo from the 1972 book Hurricane Agnes…The Richmond Flood

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Agnes - 1972

From late June of 1972 comes this photo of the aftermath of Hurricane Agnes. The James River crested at a peak of 36.5 feet as a result of Agnes, flooding parts of downtown Richmond (the flood wall wasn't completed until 1995), and obviously flowing over the 14th Street bridge. Thanks to the floodwall, Hurricane Irene won't result in flooding like Agnes for Richmond this weekend.

The caption on this photo:
"A Virginia National Guardsman keeps watch at the south end of Richmond's 14th Street Bridge after floodwaters of the James River receded."

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Photo from the cover/back cover of the 1972 book Hurricane Agnes…The Richmond Flood

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Boulevard & Parker Field - 1960

As the debate continues on whether to build a new baseball stadium in Richmond, and where, let's take a trip back to March of 1960. We were still 6 years away from the Richmond Braves, and Parker Field was home to the Richmond Virginians. The Virginians were a AAA team affiliated with the New York Yankees at the time. They finished the 1960 season with 82 wins and 70 losses, their best record of the 11 seasons they played in Richmond (1954 to 1964).

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Photo courtesy of The Library of Virginia's Adolph B. Rice Studio collection

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rollins Band - The Flood Zone - 1992

19 years ago today The Rollins Band played at The Flood Zone in Shockoe Bottom, along with Corrosion of Conformity (who are playing Richmond this weekend as a part of Best Friend's Day). This was part of The End of Silence tour for Henry Rollins. Thanks to R_O_B_O_ for posting the pics below on Flickr!

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Steel Mill - 7th & Marshall St. parking deck - 1970

41 years ago yesterday Bruce Springsteen played with his band Steel Mill on the top of the parking deck at 7th and Marshall Streets in downtown Richmond. Marlo Mays and The Stingers & Mercy Flight opened the show. Brucebase has a detailed setlist and description of the show.

Here's some crowd audio for the second song in their set that night: Come On

Friday, August 12, 2011

Belle Isle bridge - 1972

For years I wondered about the remains of the old bridge to Belle Isle on it's north side...was it a train bridge? The section that remains today led me to believe it was. But my discovery of this picture last year proved otherwise. It was, at least in 1972, a bridge for cars and trucks. And a pretty damn rickety looking one at that.

In the distance, as in this picture from a few months ago, you can see the heavy industry that was still active on Belle Isle at the time, including (according to the sign), Old Dominion Iron and Steel as well as Adamson Co. Inc.

Note the old Lee Bridge in the distance on the right (it wasn't torn down until the late 1980s), and the fairly massive structure behind the bridge that's nearly hidden. The skeletal remains of part of this building still remain today on Belle Isle. Parts of the stone foundation of this bridge still exist in the James River today, although a few have been washed away.

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Photo courtesy of VCU Libraries

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cheatham's Egg Farm - Hull Street - Early 1970s

Today's photo is from the eary 70s, and comes from reader Daniel Cheatham, whose grandfather owned Cheatham's Egg Farm. I'll let him explain:

"The photograph is looking north across Hull Street Road, and it's a little to the west of what is now the 288 junction. The farm was my grandfather's (and his father's, and HIS father's, and so on). I'm not certain exactly how far back the land/farm was in our family, but I know it was a long, long time. My family has been in Chesterfield since the mid-18th century. When 288 came through in the mid-80s, a bit of the land was taken by eminent domain, and my grandfather ended up selling the whole farm in 1986. It's now home to a Target, Kohl's, movie theater, etc. The main road that went through the property, called Tomahawk Drive, is all grown over and barely visible from Hull Street now. The funny thing is that on certain maps, the "road" that goes right in front of all the stores on the old property is labelled as Tomahawk Drive, even though it's not signed as such anywhere and it's not EXACTLY where the road used to be."

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Daniel sent a link to the map below to show approximately where the sign/farm used to be:

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Monday, August 8, 2011

2623 East Broad Street - Before and After

Today's before and after is 2623 East Broad Street, the current home of Captain Buzzy's Beanery, a great coffee shop/cafe in Church Hill. First up is a shot from May of 1983.

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And here is the building in 2011:

Top photo courtesy of VCU Libraries