Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jon Stewart at a Dead Kennedys show in Richmond?

The interwebs are all abuzz the last 24 hours with this supposed pic of Jon Stewart from The Daily Show in the pit at a Dead Kennedys show in Richmond on July 23rd, 1982 (center, behind the 3 guys with their arms interlocked):

The full lineup that night: Dead Kennedys, Void (Washington DC), White Cross (Richmond) and Front Line (Norfolk). The show was at Casablanca (later Rockitz, now Empire). Quite a show but just slightly before my time. Old timers in Richmond are skeptical this is really Jon Stewart, I'll post an update if a definitive answer emerges.


  1. I've got what I'm pretty sure is a definitive answer:

    I mentioned that Alford Faulkner was in Red Cross in my post, but this would have been a month or two after Frank Gresham quit Red Cross, and they replaced him with Crispy and changed their name to White Cross. Alford and Scott quit White Cross pretty quickly after that name/lineup change, and were replaced by the more familiar Dewey Rowell/Rob Mosby configuration of the band, but this show is at just the right time for them to be calling themselves White Cross but to still have Alford and Scott in the band.

    Sorry to anyone who only sort of followed all that. It's more me thinking out loud than anything.

    But seriously, thanks for posting the flyer. That helped me figure even more of this out.

  2. Andrew, thanks for all the research! I saw some discussion on Facebook last night that were pretty skeptical it was him, so not surprised. I know he did work at City Gardens in NJ as a bartender in the 80s, and had bands like Samiam, Quicksand and Bad Religion on his early 90s MTV show, so it was possible.

  3. Could be Jon. He went to William and Mary during this time period.