Monday, March 5, 2012

BANG at Parker Field, opening for Steppenwolf - 1971

Here's video footage of the band BANG opening for Steppenwolf at Parker Field in 1971. There's no sound on the original video, just a medley of BANG studio recordings. Apparently this is the only surviving footage of the band from the 70s. They definitely had sort of a Sabbath/Zeppelin vibe. BANG went on to release their debut album in 1972 on Capitol Records. They followed that up with two more albums on Capitol before breaking up in 1973. They reformed in the late 90s and released a few more albums in the early 2000s. More info here for those that are curious. Love the WLEE banner on the stage in this video!

Their biggest "hit" was this song from their debut album:


  1. Fuck yeah! Bang are one of the best bands from that first wave of post-Black Sabbath/Blue Cheer early 70s metal bands. I really wish there was audio from that performance. It's still cool though.

  2. Sounds like Wolfmother discovered this band at some point ...

  3. Nice to see the old Richmond Arena in the background in some of that video. Thanks for posting this! Bang's lead guitarist's work reminds me a bit of Mick Ronson of Bowie/Spiders From Mars fame.