Friday, November 2, 2012

Frank Zappa at The Richmond Coliseum - November 2nd, 1974

38 years ago tonight Frank Zappa played the Richmond Coliseum:

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  1. I was at that show. The Coliseum's managers wanted Zappa to have an intermission so they could sell stuff. Zappa didn't want a break in his show, feeling that it ruined his artistic vision and was livid. He spent a good part of his time onstage ranting about consumerism and greed and swore to never play in Richmond again. Funny, I remember all of that but can't remember whether or not he actually had the break.

    1. guy at work just told me he was at this show and frank played two songs and walked off the stage. the audience was throwing things at the stage....there's another website which shows that frank did indeed only play two songs. me being an FZ fan, i didn't believe him but apparently it's true. but i can see why frank did it after reading your post.

  2. I also was there! I won tickets on Halloween Night from WRVQ. I was 14 and my brother drove us to the show in exchange for a ticket. I remember seeing George Duke in the band and thought "damn, that's so cool!" It was an awesome show.

  3. I was there and he did not walk of after 2 songs. He played a full show and it was awesome. I remember a very good version of Little Rubber Girl.

  4. OK, I was there, I remember Frank chasing Ruth Underwood around the stage, she was the xylophone player. And I remember that the crowd was not very large, it was not a full Richmond Coliseum