Thursday, February 28, 2013

Corner of 14th and Canal St - Before and After

I love this old painted sign for the Phillips Lewis Company at the intersection of 14th Street, Canal Street and Cary Street. You can just barely see the faded remnants of it today behind the trees.



Top photo courtesy of VCU Libraries


  1. Which came first, Philips-Lewis or Imperial Coffee Company? It looks like the wall might have been sand blasted to clean off the paint at some point.

  2. Like the small air conditioner in the 1970 pic?

  3. Small A/C - for such a sized building - pretty funny! I like also the old white Rambler (at least it LOOKS like the same model Rambler we had back in those days) parked to the left of the warehouse in the 1970 pic.

    What's more remarkable to me tho - is that area just a few months earlier had suffered extensive flooding from the remnants of Camille that had come through - and only two years later would suffer even more damage from Tropical Storm Agnes. All this in the pre-flood wall days.