Monday, December 6, 2010

First block of East Broad Street - 1908

The first block of East Broad Street in 1908, looking in the direction of Church Hill from the East/West dividing line. To give some perspective, the first building on the left is still standing, and Dabney Bros & Co (third store on the left) is now the Art6 art gallery.

Be sure to view the high resolution photo, there's a lot of great stuff going on in this scene!

Photo courtesy of The Library of Congress


  1. Quite a few of these buildings are still there--in fact on the left side of the block down to "Julian W Tyler", only three are no longer standing ("Chas Duncker", two buildings down from there, the one after that). The rest have survived the 113 years since this photo.

    On the left, the building in the foreground has had its street-level retail "modernized" and lost its cornice, finials, and dome, but is still there--as is the "George Woodall" building. (Why would a commercial building have a dome anyway? Or is this a looming tower of some no-longer-extant building in the background?) Of course, the most interesting building in the photo in my opinion, the four-story structure with the huge arch and exuberant cornice, is now a parking lot.

    The first couple of structures on either side on the following block are still around too. Not too bad!

  2. Yeah, I was surprised when I figured out where this photo was taken, I was assuming at first that all the buildings may be gone, thinking it was taken further downtown.

  3. Happened across this again and that dome/cupola still jumps out as odd. Any idea if that was, in fact, attached to the building on the corner? Given the angle of the photo, if that belonged to something in the background, it would have been an extremely tall building.