Friday, February 4, 2011

Richmond-Petersburg Turnpike construction - August 1957

Here's an amazing shot of the Richmond-Petersburg Turnpike (Interstate 95) being built in 1957, taken from what looks to be the edge of the former Navy Hill neighborhood, which unfortunately was mostly demolished to make way for the turnpike in the late 50s, and I-64 in the mid 60s. In the distance you can see Main Street Station, the construction of the I-95 James River Bridge, as well as the concrete walls that will eventually form the highway as it curves around downtown Richmond.

Click the photo below for the high resolution image.

Photo courtesy of VCU Libraries


  1. What was the name of the series of streets stretching from the east at Mosby across the valley to where present-day MCV is (and points north along where 14th street used to be north of Broad? (see 1905 Sanborn fire maps for reference...available online at Church Hill People's News)

  2. I thought I had replied to this... but, I believe you mean Council Chamber Hill instead of Navy Hill. Navy Hill's has been taken over by the Bio Technology Park.

    robsmithiii, those streets that were west of Mosby were a part of Adam's Addition. Later on it went by other names such as Butchertown and Buchanan. The valley at one time was known as Adam's Valley. As far as I know the area north of Broad has no name. West of N. 14th north of Broad were Turpin's Addition and Johnston's Addition.

  3. I think that this was taken from the west hospital ( which is slated for demolition)

  4. Look at the haze from the pre-Clean Air Act days. What a difference.

  5. hey did the turnpike became the turnpike before or after it became rt 95 years old