Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Willow Lawn Shopping Center - 1960s

A great shot of the Willow Lawn Shopping Center parking lot from what looks like the early 60s. Love the cars in this picture, and of you look closely on the left, you can see the 5100 Monument Ave apartment building through what was then (and will be again soon) the open air "mall" in the middle of Willow Lawn. I was in the mall this past weekend, and it appears Old Navy is the only store left inside. They will soon be moving to the old Tower Records location outside, in preparation for the demolition of the mall, returning the shopping center to roughly the way it looked when it first opened in 1956.

Click the photo below for the high resolution image.


  1. they'll need LaVogue and Fanny Farmer as their corner tenants...

  2. Do you have any pic of Willow Lawn from the 60's thru 80's?

  3. I have a few more early pics that I'll be posting in the future, nothing from the 80s though (yet). If anyone has any old pictures of Willow Lawn, send them in!

  4. That was the Mall in Richmond for years. I remember Christmas shopping there often and going to the S&W for lunch.

  5. Newest car in the photo is a '67 (the Chevy Kingswood Estate in white at the lower right) so that might be the year it was taken.

  6. I remember staying home from school (Maybeury Elm.) in the early '90's and ma would take me up to Woolworth's to eat at the bar....was like stepping back in time at an early age....miss that place...

  7. I was an assistant mgr.AT G C Murphy Co. in 1965 & 66. I remember the center well. We lived on Horsepen Rd.

  8. PLEASE... I attended UR 69 thru 73; lived in Richmond in 74. Bought many albums at a music store in Willow Mall. Anyone remember the name of the store? Also, pics of that store/mall would be great. Please contact me at
    Also, anyone know the location of the then Carousel store? Horspen road and W Broad? Thanks again.

    1. Gary's was the music store. I bought a lot of vinyl there.

  9. Answer to Larry Pishioneri: anyone know the location of the then Carousel store? Horspen road and W Broad?
    "Burlington Coat Factory" store, 6303 West Broad St., Richmond,Va. 23230.