Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Downtown Expressway construction - 1975

More before and after pictures today, this time featuring the construction of the Downtown Expressway from October of 1975.

Normally on this blog you won't see me choose steel and glass new construction over old buildings, but in this case...WOW. Downtown Richmond was a sea of parking lots and pavement in 1975...2011 is a vast improvement--with the exception of the no longer standing Imperial Tobacco building to the left in the top picture. More on that in a later post.

1975...Click the photo for the high resolution image.

Here's the same shot in 2011, over 35 years later. Click the photo for the high resolution image:

Top photo courtesy of VCU Libraries


  1. This is where the old city dump used to be. I used to go and bottle hunt with my dad all the time before whoever in charge kicked us out:)

  2. Do a pic of the central national bank building on broad

  3. Do they have any other Downtown Expressway photos, by any chance?

  4. I don't think I do right now, but if I find any, you can bet I'll post them.