Monday, April 18, 2011

Broad Street - 1905

Today I give you another great shot of Broad Street from the early 20th century. Today's image is taken from roughly the same area (and maybe on the same day?) as the picture in this post. Except that instead of looking South, here we're looking East towards Church Hill. Note "Old" City Hall on the right in the distance.

There's so much going on in this picture that I split the most interesting scenes up into five different images. Enjoy!

Click each of the photos below for the high resolution versions.

Photo courtesy of The Library of Congress


  1. Beautiful images - thanks for sharing! My great-grandfather was a streetcar conductor on the Broad & Oakwood line, so I'm especially excited to see these :D

  2. That's great Beth!

    And I just had to share this comment from the Vintage Richmond Facebook page:

    "Those toughs are writing their 'tags' on the pole. "Bugsy, Hatsy, George, and Pooter"."

  3. It's kinda sad that they put junky facades up on those shops in the 50s and 60s and then tore the shops all down in the past 30to40years

  4. I think it's been longer than that for many of these buildings. The block where "Hatsy" and his companions are standing is between 8th and 9th, today home to the National and the Theater Row building (which includes the facade of the old Colonial theater). So the buildings on that block were gone by the 1920's. The next block down, as explained in the previous post linked above, the "new" Murphy Hotel was built in 1912 on the south side of the street. Not sure how long the buildings on the north side stood; the block where the Bijou was located in this picture is now the Library of Virginia, built in 1997.