Monday, April 25, 2011

Eric Clapton at The Mosque - April 25th, 1979

From the March 29th, 1979 issue of the University of Richmond's newspaper The Collegian comes this ad for Eric Clapton at The Mosque with opener the Muddy Waters Blues Band...32 years ago today!

Photo courtesy of the University of Richmond's Boatwright Library/Digital Initiatives


  1. Love your blog. Keep posting. I find this stuff fascinating!

  2. Do you have any good pictures of skyscrapers?

  3. Thanks Jay. I figure I'd be looking at these pictures myself no matter what, so why not share them on a blog?

    As far as skyscraper pics, I have a few, keep watching, I'll be posting them here and there!

  4. I was in Richmond at the time. I am a huge fan of Cream...and Clapton and the Blues...I took a Bruce Springsteen fan to this concert for his birthday. He was unimpressed, I was in heaven. Over the weekend I watched Cadillac Records and thought of how fortunate I was to see Muddy Waters in concert. You have no idea how good this show was....thanks for the memories!