Friday, May 6, 2011

Nolde Brothers Bakery - 1975

The Nolde Bros. Bakery in Church Hill was founded by John Henry Nolde in 1892. The building pictured below was completed in 1926. By 1950, the company's three plants in Richmond, Petersburg and Norfolk produced 800,000 pounds of bread a week. This location closed in 1977, and Goodwill later occupied part of the space. I remember shopping at their thrift store in the 90s. The building was renovated and reopened as the Nolde Condos in 2006. Love the cars, and especially the sign!

Click the photo below for the high resolution image.

Photo courtesy of VCU Libraries


  1. I went to Bellevue back then and I sure do miss the smell of that bakery even now!

  2. I lived directly across the street from this pic in 86'. I believe a Nations Bank and Goodwill were there then. I was 9 & memory kinda fuzzy now.

  3. In '92 the Goodwill was still there, I think the Nation's Bank too...

  4. Still miss Nolde Bread. The aroma of fresh baked bread from the Nolde Bakery was second only to C. F. Sauer and the spices. I remember the Goodyear Blimp dropping small loaves of Nolde's bread at the Tobacco Parade.

  5. My Great Grandparents worked there in the 20s. I wish I could get some of the employment records . History of some kind.