Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Circuit City - Atari Midnight Madness - 1981

I'm back after a busy week/weekend, and probably the longest stretch without posting...What better way to get back into the groove here than a classic shot of a Circuit City store display featuring Atari, Odyssey and Intellivision games and consoles. Judging by the titles in the display case, this picture was probably taken sometime in 1981. The midnight madness price tag has the Atari 2600 selling for $189.99, what a bargain!

Click the photo below for the high resolution image.


  1. I think my family was the only one that had an Intellivision one to trade games was the betamax of game consols though...better graphics than one had them...

  2. definitely '81...look at the "earth-tone" brown carpet...

  3. I love the retro wood grain tv's next to the classic video game consoles

  4. Lol Anonymous #1 - we had the Intellivision too!!!