Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Richmond Progress Report - 1948-1953

I bought this a few months back, and finally got around to scanning it. Some great pictures and info in this, and I'll be posting more in the future. For now, enjoy the cover shot of Broad Street looking east from the mid 1950s. Among other things, I love the Planters Peanuts store on the North side of Broad. Amazingly, a lot of the buildings in the foreground of this picture are still there today, including the tallest, the Central National Bank Building.

Click the photo below for the high resolution image.


  1. It's kind of interesting to figure out what is still there and what is not

  2. At least in the couple blocks in the foreground, "still there" is almost everything. Many of the buildings are in bad shape, but with few exceptions, they still stand.

    Of particular interest is, if you look in the lower left, Friedman's. Not only is that building still there, that *business* is still there, 60 years later. Now that is survival!