Tuesday, July 12, 2011

First African Baptist Church - 1865

Here are two great pictures of the original First African Baptist Church from 1865. The church in these photos was built in 1802, and torn down in 1876. It was replaced in 1877 by the structure that still stands today at 301 College Street in downtown Richmond, although that building was sold to the Medical College of Virginia in 1955 when the congregation moved to it's current home in Barton Heights. It's now used as offices, classrooms and laboratories for VCU.

Here's a detailed closeup of the group of people in the second photo. Click any of the photos below for the high resolution versions.

In the next two photos Broad Street is going right to left. Today, I-95 crosses under Broad St just down the hill to the right.

Photos courtesy of The Library of Congress

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