Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cheatham's Egg Farm - Hull Street - Early 1970s

Today's photo is from the eary 70s, and comes from reader Daniel Cheatham, whose grandfather owned Cheatham's Egg Farm. I'll let him explain:

"The photograph is looking north across Hull Street Road, and it's a little to the west of what is now the 288 junction. The farm was my grandfather's (and his father's, and HIS father's, and so on). I'm not certain exactly how far back the land/farm was in our family, but I know it was a long, long time. My family has been in Chesterfield since the mid-18th century. When 288 came through in the mid-80s, a bit of the land was taken by eminent domain, and my grandfather ended up selling the whole farm in 1986. It's now home to a Target, Kohl's, movie theater, etc. The main road that went through the property, called Tomahawk Drive, is all grown over and barely visible from Hull Street now. The funny thing is that on certain maps, the "road" that goes right in front of all the stores on the old property is labelled as Tomahawk Drive, even though it's not signed as such anywhere and it's not EXACTLY where the road used to be."

Click the photo below for the high resolution image.

Daniel sent a link to the map below to show approximately where the sign/farm used to be:

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