Thursday, September 8, 2011

Broad Street Station tracks - 1976

Mike Robbins provides us with today's great image of Broad Street Station from June of 1976, about a year after the station closed. I'll let him describe it:

"Broad Street Station (AKA Union Station) platforms with tracks partially removed at Richmond, Virginia, June 1976. This beautiful old station was last used by Amtrak in 1975, however, Amtrak trains then moved to the Staples Mill Road Station located on the RF&P mainline. This station was originally constructed in 1917 for the RF&P, but was also used by the ACL and N&W. Eventually the SAL switched from using the Main Street Station located in the downtown area to this station. Finally the station was later used by the SCL and Amtrak. Today this station building is home to the Science Museum of Virginia. On the right side of the photo in the middle is a couple of fellows with a mechanical spike pulling machine performing their task."
Click the photo below for the high resolution image.

Photo courtesy of Mike Robbins


  1. Are the light posts and sidewalks still there?

  2. I would think the lamp posts would be long gone. It would be nice to think that maybe they were put in storage and refurbished to be used in the vicinity of the BSS/VSM building to enhance the period look.

  3. I wonder what those two workers were doing?