Monday, July 30, 2012

2120 East Broad St - Before and After

Today we have a Before and After of 2120 East Broad Street in Church Hill. The building houses condos today, but it has a long history. From the National Register of Historic Places registration form for the St. John's Church Historic District, filed in 1990:

"Bellevue School, constructed in 1874, is an unusual surviving example of an early public school building. Located at the northwest corner of East Broad and North Twenty-Second streets, the one-story brick building with projecting front ell and recessed entrance arcade was originally a two-story structure before a hurricane removed the second story in 1950. The school has a brick water table, recessed brick panels featuring tall segmental-arched sash windows with brick label molds, and a simple brick cornice and parapet--the result of the removal of the second story. A one-story brick service building to the rear dates from 1905. The building served as Bellevue School until a new school was built at the corner of East Grace and Twenty-Sixth streets in 1914. The old school was converted into condominiums in 1978."
First up we have a shot of this building from 1977, looking abandoned. Click the photos below for the high resolution images.

Next up, 1978. The only real difference is that the For Sale sign is gone. I'm guessing this was right before renovations began? Anyone know more about the history of this building since 1978?

Here's the building in 2012, looking better than ever:

Top two photos courtesy of VCU Libraries


  1. the Library of Virginia has photos of every (almost) building in Richmond from 1954, (date?). Thumbnails, not great quality, but still...It'd be neat to see this with its second story intact.

  2. Nothing online. I did see a picture on a 1908 newspaper scan - very poor quality and didn't seem to be a second floor then...only a wooden hipped roof. Could have been an illusion though and the picture was poor. The rest was demolished around 1936 saving the corner building and attached for depression era WPA projects including vocational for boys and girls to make them better active citizens. The corner one housed machine shops.