Tuesday, April 5, 2011

1809-1811 East Grace Street - 1974 and today

Today we take a look at another before and after shot that has a happy ending. 1809 and 1811 East Grace St were looking pretty rough in September of 1974. I'm sure a lot of houses that were in similar shape are long gone.

1974...Click the photo for the high resolution image.

Here are the houses 36 years later in 2011. Click the photo for the high resolution image:

Top photo courtesy of VCU Libraries


  1. the big flood was 72.. so the above was 2 years after that...

  2. It looked a lot worse before we started working on it for the APVA in 1999...

  3. this reminds me of the one you did for east franklin

  4. I vaguely remember how bad they looked in the 90s...I was psyched when I saw them being renovated.

    Forgot about the '72 flood, that may explain why these were abandoned in '74. Although I wouldn't be surprised if they sat empty like this for many years before the top pic was taken.

  5. I live there! It's a great place downtown, I'm hoping there's more to come on some of the nearby blocks.

  6. my son and his friends live there. great place and the interior retains many of its historical details; fireplaces, plaster, high ceilings. glad someone took the time and money to restore it.