Thursday, November 24, 2011

Broad Street - Thalhimers - 1969

What better way to celebrate the first official day of the holiday shopping season than a picture of Broad Street and Thalhimers from (near the end of) it's heyday?

This is Broad Street looking east from January of 1969. You can still see the large plastic candles and Christmas trees in the median. Also note the Wards TV store (later Circuit City), and The Towne (now The National) showing Funny Girl. West Hospital is in the distance, as is the crane and yellow tarps that signal the beginnings of the "new" City Hall.

Click the photo below for the high resolution image.
Photo courtesy of VCU Libraries


  1. Also the A & N behind Wards. Another local business that went on to some regional success but is also unfortunately closed.

  2. Thought about this picture this morning as I drove this section of Broad St. Everything on the left...Fines to Franklin Federal has since been replaced by very cold office buildings. Thalhimer's is long gone, of course. I love these old shots and would give an arm to go back to that day and walk through it again. I'd appreciate it so much, knowing what I know now.

    1. Same here, driceva. These pics bring back so many memories - I was all of 6 years old in January of '69 (which is the time reference for this picture) - and I vividly remember the holiday decorations on Broad Street (the big candles in particular) - and the old silver Virginia Transit Co buses (in the days before GRTC) ... particularly the old "round-back" buses (those were my favorites growing up!) I LOVE these old pictures and also would love to time-warp back to thsoe days and re-walk those place that I went so many times with my parents - so many downtown shopping excursions - so much fun! WOW... :.)

  3. Now look at Richmond... Trash.