Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bruce Springsteen with Steel Mill - 1969

Here's a poster for an early show from Bruce Springsteen's band Steel Mill. They played at The Center on the corner of Laurel & Broad Street near VCU on November 20th, 1969...42 years ago yesterday. A great story about the show can be found here from the guitarist of Richmond's Mercy Flight, who opened the show. The Center eventually became Rockitz in the 80s, then The Metro and The Factory in the 90s. Empire is now downstairs, the upstairs has been closed for years. Only 2 bucks for this show!


  1. I remember this place, it was on the right side of laurel facing broad. In the 1970's it was known as bilbo baggins. I remenber when springsteen played at the back door next to hababas.

  2. We used a door as a table at their apartment, and it was Hey Baby's, where I, illegally, poured my first beer for a customer! Those were the days!