Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Teddy Roosevelt "horsecade" on Broad Street - 1905

Today's image is from what appears to be Theodore Roosevelt's only visit to Richmond. From a stereograph published by Underwood & Underwood. The quote on this one: "Broad Street, lined with school children applauding President Roosevelt."

Click the photo below for the high resolution image.

Photo courtesy of The Library of Congress


  1. What's with the guys in the fuzzy white hats?

  2. The guy standing behind the carriage on the left, - instead of watching the president like he's supposed to do, he's texting his buddies. Probably, "Guess who I'm with! Text me back once the internet's invented. lol"

    1. Made me laugh. But seriously...too big to be a smartphone...perhaps a tablet? ;)

  3. Could the guys in uniform and white hats (bearskins?) be cadets from a local high school like John Marshall? Or possibly from VMI? The uniforms look to be colored gray.

  4. Dug a little further and found Baltimore Newspaper article from Oct 1905 announcing preparations in Richmond for Roosevelt's visit. Says that VMI cadets will participate in parade.

  5. Can you identify the cross street?

  6. just stumbled on to this blog...amazing!!! anybody know the cross street?? also, is that the Klan sitting together on the right side of the street??