Friday, June 8, 2012

Richmond Canal Walk - Before and After

Back when the canal walk was being built there was a lot of talk about what a waste of money it was, how no one would ever come, etc etc. Well, I think this Before and After from 1998 and 2012 speaks volumes on the positive transformation of this part of downtown.

Click the photo below for the high resolution image.

Top photo courtesy of VCU Libraries


  1. Great pics / info as always. and definitely true, there was certainly a lot of debate back in 1998. And granted, it's taken awhile for things to build up, but the things done back then certainly set the ground work for what's down there today. Very cool part of town.

  2. And this area was even more desolate in the early 90s. My friend and I used to mtn bike around there, and there was nothing. Just empty run down buildings. So happy to see the canal walk getting better and better every year.

  3. Thanks, great pics again. I lead tours down there with Richmonders and tourists. Way too many times, mostly Richmonders question why aren't there restaurants or stores on the canal. THERE ARE!!! These pics are proof of how far the area has come, and it gets better everyday. One of Richmond's favorite pass times is talking about how there is nothing to do... look around... THINGS ARE HAPPENING!!!

    thanks again.

    1. Very true. In my opinion, Richmond is an EXTREMELY underrated city.

  4. Project managed by the COR DPU, Technical Services with a hammer Engineer, and Superintendent on the job. We were very proud that this job was complete ahead of schedule. Very clever that this project was federally funded and that under this pretty canal resides a 96" sewer line to divert the rain waters from dumping combined sewage into the James River. A win-win for the city.