Monday, October 29, 2012

I-95 traffic - Hurricane Camille - August 1969

With Hurricane Sandy approaching, I dug out this great shot of the traffic backup resulting from Hurricane Camille's flooding of the South end of I-95 as it crosses the James River. Be sure to check out the hi-rez version, there's some great details in this one!

Also, check out an older post with an almost the same angle, from 12 years earlier in 1957.

Photo courtesy of The Library of Virginia's Virginia Governor's Negative Collection

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  1. What's striking is, in 1969, how few 1950's cars there are in the photo out of hundreds of cars visible. Ignoring VW Beetles (which are near impossible to pin a year on) and trucks/pickups, I count only three. Cars sure have come a long way in longevity!

    Might only be two--there is a black Cadillac in the parking spaces near the right side that could be as old as 1948.