Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Colonial and State Theaters - October 1975

The Colonial Theater opened on the 700 block of East Broad St. in 1921. At one time this section of Broad was known as "Theater Row" because popular theaters like The National, The Bijou, The State, The Lubin and The Colonial all were within a few blocks. The Colonial Theater closed in the early 80s, and the building was mostly demolished in the early 90s, although the facade was preserved as part of the Theater Row Office Building that took it's place in 1993. Today, VCU occupies the building. Part of The State Theater can be seen at the left.

Click the photo below for the high resolution image.

Photo courtesy of VCU Libraries


  1. The VCU graduate school that my fiancee is enrolled in is located in the Theater Row building. While I'm glad they preserved the beautiful facade of the old theater, the rest of the building is pretty awful. Also wish they could have kept the marquee.

    To make matters worse there are now two rather large trees in front of the building--while I'm all for street trees, they obscure a large portion of the classical facade, so all one sees is the postmodern bulk of the office building over the trees.

  2. Great set of marquees -- an announcement of Fire Prevention Week, and "Ilsa, She-Wolf Of The SS"!