Saturday, January 8, 2011

State Theatre Grand Opening film - 1933

Keeping with the theme of my last post, here's a silent newsreel highlighting the grand opening of The State Theatre at 712 East Broad St. on October 25th, 1933.

This theater opened as the Broadway Theater in 1919, reopened as The State in 1933, and closed for good in 1981. The building was demolished when the Theater Row Office Building was built in the early 90s, but it almost looks like some of the facade survived...Or did they just mimic some of the facade from The Colonial that they saved? Anyone know?

Video courtesy of the Internet Archive



    Short but assuming it is accurate since it is a cinema based site.

    Also some good stuff on the State including the newsreel above, making me wonder if you already found this site!

  2. Hey--the State and Colonial were both destroyed in 1992. Nothing remains of the State's facade--what's there vaguely echoes what it looked like. When the building was coming down, the old Broadway's facade was revealed underneath the State's.