Saturday, January 22, 2011

Green Day at Twisters - January 22nd, 1993

Green Day played Twisters on on West Grace Street on January 22nd, 1993, 18 years ago today. This is the current location of Strange Matter, and has been known as 929, Chronos Cafe, Nanci Raygun, and The Back Door among others over the years. Click the photo below for the high resolution image (story continues below).

I have a little backstory and some pictures to go with this post, since I was at this show. I'd been listening to Green Day for about a year and a half at this point, but hadn't been able to see them live, so I was pretty excited. So excited that I brought my camera, something I had slowly stopped doing over the years. I'm glad I did.

Green Day put on a great show, and I was surprised how packed it was. Consequently, I wasn't so surprised a year later when Dookie came out and made them a household name.

Towards the end of their set a guy started screaming for them to play Sweet Home Alabama. He wouldn't let up, and to the crowd's amusement, Billie Joe offered to play it of the guy came up and sang it. The guy climbed on stage and very drunkenly attempted to sing the song, and to everyone's surprise began a slow striptease. The pictures above show a bit of this, although I had to censor the last one! Immediately after the last picture was taken, he dove into the crowd. I can still hear the SLAP of his naked body hitting the black and white tiles that Twisters had on the floor. The sold out crowd managed to part just enough so no one had to catch the sweaty naked drunk guy. Thank you sweaty naked drunk guy, for one of the most memorable moments of the hundreds of shows I've attended over the years.

Anyone else there for this show? Or better yet, were you the sweaty naked drunk guy? Add your story in the comments. And sorry for the small pics, I have no prints of these, and no negative scanner. This was the best my scanner could do.


  1. I know the sweaty naked drunk guy. I was just told of this story a few day ago. The photos are legit.



  4. I was there. Freshman year at VCU.

  5. I grew up with "the sweaty drunk guy that nobody caught"...not enough space to tell all the crazy stories here. He's a great guy actually. Back then he would always get hammered and strip or run around a party nude smeared in peanut butter with a weed wacker running.