Monday, January 3, 2011

Open air 6th Street Marketplace - 1969 Architectural rendering

Happy New Year everyone! Vintage Richmond is back from a short hiatus, and I've got a ton of great stuff planned for 2011: Some before and after posts, videos, and more concert flyers and ads to name just a few.

We'll jump right into things with this architectural rendering of the "Sixth Street Mall" from 1969. It probably would have been better to go with an open air design, then the city wouldn't have had to spend all that money demolishing the enclosed mall (built in 1985) a few years ago. Or did they initially go with this open air design, then later build the enclosed mall? Anyone care to give some insight?

Click the image below for the high resolution image.


  1. The open air mall existed from ( my guess ) the time the Richmond Coliseum opened ( 1970? ) until the 6th street marketplace was built. I recall as a kid going to several June Jubilee events were held there.