Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Avail at The Metro - May 1st, 1992

I always get comments when I post stuff from the 90s, but sadly, yes, 1992 is vintage. Here's a video of Avail that my friend shot at The Metro on May 1st, 1992, 20 years ago today. The song is Connection, which would come out on a 7 inch the following year. This was Avail's "last show." If I remember correctly, they got back together in September of '92, when I first saw them.

For the younger Vintage Richmond readers, The Metro (later The Factory) was above what is now currently Empire on the corner of Laurel and Broad. It's been empty for years, which my be a good thing. Many times I remember feeling the floor bounce up and down at a crowded show, not something you want to feel when you're standing on the 2nd floor of a 100 year old wood and brick building. Great club though.


  1. I was one of a small group of kids from colonial heights that would drive up for punk shows around vcu. many great shows at the metro. formative. brings back memories for sure.

  2. Awesome memories and Avail would still be around and making albums for 10 plus years after this.

  3. Holy hell! I was at this show. Crazy!!!

  4. Awesome memories. My band played at the Metro in 1989 with a band called Ugly Head.