Monday, May 28, 2012

The Success, a convict ship, visits Richmond

Today we have a contribution from a reader named David about a ship called the Success, with a picture probably taken around 1930:

"This is a photo of a ship named the Success. The image must have been taken by the great ship lock, in great shiplock park. The ship is in the richmond dock section of the canal, across Dock street from Tobacco row. The half bascule bridge in the background is open and sticking straight up in the air. This is the same rusty train bridge that is owned by the Norfolk Southern Railroad. A buddy of mine purchased the photo from 'whitings paper company.'

I was in contact with a guy who has devoted a lot of research to this ship and here is what he told me about it:

'What a wonderful photograph. Thank you, David! She appears to be wearing a fresh coat of paint. I checked my files and can provide the following information on her later stay in Richmond: From October 31 to November 20, 1929 she was on exhibition at 17th and Dock Streets, Richmond. She remained in Richmond for the winter and on April 9, 1930, she cleared Richmond for Washington, D.C. Unfortunately my information concerning her earlier visit is less complete. Sometime after December 6, 1913, I believe she arrived from Norfolk. Then sometime in early April 1914 I believe she was taken to Baltimore in tow tug Dauntless. My best guess is that the photo was of her second visit to Richmond, not the first, but I could be wrong.'"

For more info on the Sailing Ship Success, check out this great site.

Click the photo below for the larger image.

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  1. Excellent picture. I love the fact that the background would look exactly the same today.